Pāli Level 2


This is the intermediate Pāli course of the OCBS Pāli course series.



This course is the second step to your mastery of Pāli! It requires beginner knowledge of Pāli. For more information about our courses, see the description of our beginner course.


A few facts about this Pāli course:

Content: 24 Lectures, amounting to 3.5 hours + 24 Factsheets + 24 Vocabulary Lists + more than 200 Exercises
Duration: 4-5 weeks based on 3-4 hours of self-study per week
Difficulty: Intermediate (previous knowledge, equal to the content of Pāli Level 1, is required)

Note that once bought, your access to the course does not expire. When we update the course – for example by adding material or exercises – you will automatically have access to the new version.

This course is the second Level of our 3-Level Pāli instruction. Level 1 and Level 3 are already available.


Learning Objectives for Pāli Level 2:

  • Understanding the different uses of the past participle in Pāli, including:
    – Passive and active uses
    – The past participle as a perfect tense
    – The past participle as a historic narrative tense
  • Understanding some different applications of the instrumental case
  • Understanding how to distinguish transitive from intransitive sentences, and the logical subject of a sentence from the grammatical subject
  • Understanding other participles, including the present participle and gerundive
  • Understanding the formation of -in declension nouns, and -in stem verbal adjectives
  • Understanding the following aspects of the Pāli verbal system:
    – The optative mood: how to express hypotheses and wishes/intentions
    – The imperative mood: how to form commands and prohibitions
    – The past or aorist tense
    – The absolutive
  • Understanding important aspects of Pāli syntax in greater detail, including word order, and the use of idioms, enclitics and adverbs
  • Understanding the three basic types of Pāli compounds: dvandva, kammadhāraya and tappurisa
  • You will start to read ‘The Discourse on the Establishment of Mindfulness’ (Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta, MN 10 / DN 22)


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